Refund Policy

If you request refund at TripCan, the refund will remit to your TripCan wallet. TripCan will deduct the order processing fee then refund the remaining amount. Refunds will be processed as soon as reasonably practicable and effective immediately.
The refund amount can be used to pay for items on TripCan.
The balance of TripCan will not provide any interest or rewards.
Each user should take full responsibility for his/her TripCan wallet. TripCan is not responsible for any damage/loss caused by the use of TripCan wallet by the third parties authorized by the user. Any action of such third party shall be deemed as authorized by you. In addition, the user acknowledges and agrees that the user shall protect TripCan from any act or moission that requires the third party to log in their TripCan account and/or wallet, the user shall be responsible for any related responsibilities arising therefrom; The user shall also be responsible for any loss to TripCan caused by a third party loggin into the user's account or wallet.
TripCan may ask you to provide additional information regarding your identity and the usage of your TripCan wallet, including transactions made with TripCan wallet, identity information and the number of TripCan wallets you hold. You agree that you will provide correct, complete and truthful responses to such inquiries from TripCan in good faith, and fail to cooperate with the inquiries may result in immediate suspension or temination of your TripCan wallet and/or TripCan account.
TripCan reserve the rights to suspend or terminate the TripCan wallet, this includes but not limited to the following:
Any suspected violation of any relevant laws, reules, regulations, orders, instructions, noices and guidelines, including notice and guidelines issued by competent authorities from time to time; or violation of any instructions or notices TripCan announces to users from time to time and any breach of any terms of services, including the clauses of TripCan wallet ToS;
Reasonable suspects on the difference, false and/or incorrect information regarding user's detail information and any other indetification, financial information or supporting documents;
To fight against potential fraud, sabotage, money laundering, terrorist financing, vandalism or any other events of foce majeure;
TripCan unilaterally deems it's necessary to cease/suspend the TripCan wallet for any other legitimate purpose; or
Necessary in accordance with the order or request of the competent authority or government agency such as court.
Effect of TripCan wallet balance: As long as you held a valid TripCan account, the balance in your TripCan wallet will remain valid and will not expire.
Restrictions of TripCanTripCan wallet: Without prejudice to the other limitations and restrictions above, under no circumstances shall you:
Use TripCan to defraud TripCan, our affiliates or other members or users, or engage in other illegal activities ——— including but not limited to engaging in product or service prohibited by law ;
Use TripCan wallet in a manner that violates or would cause TripCan to violates any law, rule, ordinance or regulation;
Impersonate any individual or legal entity, falsely claim or otherwise mislead affiliation with any individual or legal entity, or log into another user’s account without permission, forge another person's digital signature or engage in any other fraudulent activities;
Post or transmit ant pornographic, obscene, abusive, offensive, inappropriate, illegal, infringing, inaccurate, false, defamatory, violent or otherwise objectionable message, image or material;
Use fraudulent, embezzled or illegally obtained funds to purchase any product or service;
Use the ba.ance in your TripCan wallet in a manner that may result in a complaint, dispute, fine, penalty, refund or any other liability against TripCan; or
Use TripCan wallet for money laundering, terrorist financing, tax evasion or any other illegal activity.
Your responsibility: It is your responsibility to comply with the following rules for using TripCan wallet:
Please notify TripCan immediately of any unauthorized use of your TripCan wallet and any other circumstances that may lead to unauthorized use of your TripCan wallet. The registered user is solely responsible for any transaction prior the notification;
If you find any incorrect wire transfer to your TripCan wallet, you agree to return and cooperate with TripCan’s measures to immediately return the incorrect transfer amount to TripCan. Please note that it is illegal to retain and/or user any value that you know has been wrongly transferred to you;
When you purchase good and/or service from a supplier and pay with TripCan wallet. You understand it is a contractual relationship between you and the supplier, and we are not part of this relationship. TripCan is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from your contractual relationship with the supplier; furthermore, TripCan is under no obligation to monitor the service quality of the supplier. Supplier shall be solely responsible for all obligations of the contract between you and the supplier, including but not limited to warranties or guarantees. TripCan is not responsible for any defects in the preparation, condition and quality of the goods and/or services purchased from the supplier using the TripCan wallet balance;
Use TripCan wallet in good faith and comply with all relevant laws and regulations: TripCan may send you instructions or notices and terms of the TripCan wallet from time to time;
You shall be solely responsible for the payment of any taxes, duties or other governmental levies or fees imposed on any good or service purchased from the supplier, or arising from the transaction.
YUnauthorized transactions and remedies:
An unauthorized transaction occurs when an unauthorized payment is made from or to your TripCan wallet; for example, someone uses a stolen password to make a transaction from your TripCan wallet, which indicates an unauthorized transaction hass occurred. If you provide access to your TripCan account and/or TripCan wallet to a third party ⸺ by revealing your login details or any other information, you shall still be responsible for the transaction made as you are not aware of or authorized.
You are solely responsible for any misappropriation until you report the problem to TripCan.
In the event of an unauthorized transaction using your TripCan wallet, you must immediately notify TripCan that your TripCan wallet has been compromised. If you believe:

Ⅰ. An unauthorized transaction or logging into your TripCan wallet; or

Ⅱ. Your TripCan account name and password have been compromised.

You can notify us of unauthorized transaction or error made using your TripCan wallet via our in-app customer support chatroom.
Consumer Disputes
Consumer Dispute Review Process
When a user or seller initiates a dispute, TripCan will review the contents of the dispute. During the review process, TripCan customer service will actively contact the user and/or seller, and will, according to the provisions of the consumer dispute review process, the content of the order will be assessed after obtaining certificates from both parties. The possible audit results are as follows:
Full refund for the buyer: If it is found by the audit process that the responsibility lies with the seller, the buyer will be refunded in full, and the applicable sales fees paid by the seller will not be refunded. If the product should be returned, all arrangements must be made by buyer and seller agreement.
Maintain the original transaction result: After review from the TripCan audit process, and TripCan decides the original result should be maintained, the buyer cannot file another report for the same transaction.
Accept the item, apply for a refund, or report a problem with the product:
TripCan hopes that each and every product can live up to the buyers quality expectations, and that disputes can be resolved between the buyer and seller directly. If the buyer and seller prove unable to resolve the dispute bilaterally, TripCan acts as a third party to facilitate the arbitration of the dispute, and make a final decision regarding the dispute. The following is the procedure for the buyer to apply for arbitration:
Buyers can use the ‘Report a problem’ function to first share the situation with the seller. According to the terms of seller certification, the seller must reply to the buyer within 2 days via the order function. If the seller fails to reply within 2 days, TripCan will cancel the order and refund the payment to the seller, minus the refund processing fee.
If the buyer does not accept the seller’s solution after submitting the dispute through the ‘Report a problem’ function, both the seller and the buyer can submit the order for review to TripCan by ‘Initiating a Dispute’. TripCan will cancel the order and refund the entire fee minus the refund fee.